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????Product List
??Plastic pipe extrusion line
??Plastic sheet extrusion line
??Plastic extruding profile production line
??Extruder Series
??Auxiliary equipment
??Qingdao Changjie Machine Co.,Ltd.
??Manager:Geng Yongchang
??Add:Bozhou Road, the industrial park of Zhongyun , Jiaozhou, Qingdao, China. ??E-mail:info@changjiemachine.com
????Service System
1、introduce products and applications in detail
2、Recommend suitable solution
3、Provide with reference information
4、Offer lab measure for test and relative production craft standard.
During manufacturing
1、Provide with requirement of installation and machine.
2、Inform the project processing status at any time.
3、Discussing and settle down a solution with you about craft condition, craft prescription
1、Provide with installation, guiding and training in the scene.
2、Set-up and record the customer files
3、Offer spare parts solve the problem in repairing the machine, ensure to repair in the nature life
4、Provide with necessary technical support for new application
5、Contact customer regularly and collect feed back information
6、The guarantee period of this unit is one year
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