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Name Twin-screw extruder

SJZ series conical twin-screw extruder is suitable for all types of PVC powder extrusion forming of special equipment. With different molds and auxiliary equipment can produce various kinds of PVC plastic pipe, profile, sheet, sheets, bars and Pelleting.

Screw the oil cooling system using cooling. Barrel cooling system using a special cooling wind. Dedicated computer-controlled system. Different formulas based on user requirements, preparation of the structure of the most reasonable screw, so as to achieve the best quality plastics and logistics status. Screw all the special high-precision CNC milling machine screw to ensure that each similar performance out of a high degree of consistency in extrusion equipment. Spearheaded the introduction of the international most advanced variable pitch, variable depth of screw design techniques, so that the logistics of the screw shear, compression is more gentle, much closer to the actual needs. The distribution of specially designed box, thrust bearings especially increased use of imported bearings, drive the high-life, can be subjected to greater pressure extrusion. Electrical system to maximize the use of the original imports, and have a number of alarm function failures, failure less easily excluded. Special cooling system design, particularly an area of increased heat dissipation, cooling rapidly, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃

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