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??Plastic pipe extrusion line
??Plastic sheet extrusion line
??Plastic extruding profile production line
??Extruder Series
??Auxiliary equipment
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Name PVC Extruding Granulation Unit Production Line

Carbon steel as material & via hard chrome process.
Reasonable flowing channel ensures even extrusion.

Cooling unit(air cooling)
With unique vertical structrue ensures high efficiency cooling.
With four enforced fan.
Conical twin screw extruder
Low cutting & high plasticzation of screw ensures high quality pelletize.
Continuous stable extrusion pellet even size & color.
Unique feeding system ensures material mixing more easily.

Pellet cutting unit
With precision cutting knife ensures smooth cutting effect.
With imported frequency conversion speed regulator.

Model Number SJSZ80 SJSZ65 SJSZ51
Power of installation 80kw 60kw 45kw
Production Capacity 350kg/h 280kg/h 120kg/h
Diameter of cutting and gluing φ 3 φ 3 φ 3
The total length of the product line 15m 15m 12m
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